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Find the perfect lens fit.
First time. Every time.

The Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) offers Profilometry of the cornea and the sclera with unprecedented accuracy. By creating detailed 3D height maps and thanks to the integrated algorithms, the ESP helps you find the perfect scleral lens fit faster.

Eye Surface Profiler

Become an expert fitter

  • Fast, single shot measurement process
  • Smart built-in algorithms for 40+ lenses of 18+ labs
  • Quick return on investment in just few months

Watch our video and learn more about the ESP from Dr Tom Arnold, an expert ESP User.

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The new DirectConnect™ feature allows the ESP to connect directly to the lab with just the push of a button, increasing the speed and accuracy of fitting scleral lenses.

Learn more about DirectConnect
DirectConnect | Scleral Fitting with the ESP

Fitting Sclerals from all Labs

Focus on specialty lenses
Eaglet Eye is focused on all specialty lenses: the ESP not only handles scleral lenses, but ortho-k, hybrid, soft and RGP. All can benefit from the ESP data! Take your practice to the next level.

Lab neutrality
We are working with all leading manufacturers and more than 40 lens fitting algorithms from over 18 labs are integrated in the ESP. This helps you find the perfect scleral lens fit faster. Become am expert fitter now!

Download here a complete list of all lenses that can be fitted with the ESP:

Scleral Fitting the Zenlens with the ESP

DirectConnect with Zenlens from Bausch + Lomb

The ESP helps you to fit all Bausch+Lomb Zenlens sclerals including the Zen RC and the new Zen quad. Precise designing of the SAG and the landing zone, APS and toricity. The ESP allows for an easy way to design Microvaults to avoid impingement on pingueculae. Learn more on how to fit Zenlens >>

Scleral Fitting BostonSight Scleral

DirectConnect with BostonSight SCLERAL

BostonSight SCLERAL are data-driven design lenses offering a range of Smart Features. The new Smart360 uses corneo-scleral Profilometry for a truly custom scleral lens fit. Scan data from the ESP is imported directly into FitConnect® to harness the power of image-guided design. Learn more on how to fit BostonSight SCLERAL>>

Fit the Onefit MED with the ESP

DirectConnect with Blanchard

The ESP can automatically fit all Onefit scleral lenses, helping to design a uniform tear layer maximizing oxygen transmission. Based on Profilometry, good scleral alignment with spheric and toric edges can be designed, as well as up to two recesses in the lens edge. Learn more on how to fit Onefit>>

Fit the ScanFitPRO with the ESP

DirectConnect with EyePrint Prosthetics

ScanFitPRO is a scleral lens designed to match the exact scleral contours of a patient’s individual eye, created from an ocular scan rather than an impression. The ESP delivers the ideal scan of the complete eye with unprecedented accuracy. Learn more on how to fit EyePrint>>

Fit the Acculens MAXIM with the ESP

DirectConnect with Acculens

The MAXIM is a fully customized scleral lens which in combination with the ESP can be easily designed torical or quad specific, resulting in a perfect scleral alignment and centration. Perfect centration enables the option to design a multifocal scleral lens. Learn more on how to fit Acculens>>

Fit X-Cel's Atlantis Scleral with the ESP

DirectConnect with X-Cel

The Atlantis design provides customizable zone options to provide a simple, streamlined fitting process that reduces chair time. The ESP First Lens Fit Algorithms will point to the best fitting lens from the fitting set. Learn more >>

AVT Sclerals fit with the ESP

DirectConnect with AVT

Naturalens Scleral and Naturalens MINI Scleral offer a simplified fitting design, where you can now easily adjust four zones. The custom-built fitting algorithm in the ESP software guides you towards the best fit on each unique eye. Learn more >>

Fit ValleyContax Custom Stable Scleral with the ESP

Links with ValleyContax

Custom Stable are easy to fit scleral lenses scleral that are perfect for regular and irregular corneas alike. They are available with spherical and toric landing zones. There is also a multi-focal design possible.

Fit Fit Synergeyes Scleral with the ESPScleral with the ESP

Links with Synergeyes

Automatically fit specialty hybrid lenses, the UltraHealth and Ultrahealth FC as well as the VS Scleral. The VS Scleral offers a unique toric scleral lens where the ESP assists to design the SAG as well as the Tangent Angles for the toric landing zones.

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Revolutionise your eye care practice

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Breakthrough Technology

Unleash the power of Profilometry. Unprecedented measuring accuracy across the cornea, the limbus and large areas of the sclera in combination with intelligent algorithms drive superior results.

Dr Barry Leonard's experience

Dr Barry Leonard of Dr. Barry Leonard & Associates in Southern California explains in an interview by Dr Craig Norman how he uses the Eye Surface Profiler to grow his practice, reduce chair time and improve patient outcomes.

Dr Bradley Richlin's experience

Dr Bradley Richlin from Dr Richlin & Associates in Beverly Hills, California explains how he integrated 3D ocular surface data into his scleral practice.

Superior Service

The Eaglet Eye Professional Affairs team will coach you in your first lens fits until you are fitting like an expert. Our knowledgeable and engaged user group stands ready to help at any time. We have your back.


esp fitted lenses


First Lens Fit Algorithms





What is the easiest way to fit scleral lenses?

The best way to assist you in your practice with fitting scleral lenses is to use the Eaglet Eye - Eye Surface profiler. What are the main benefits?

  • Finding the best fit, everytime
  • Reduce chair time
  • Best patient outcome

What is the difference between the Eye Surface Profiler and other surface scanners?

The main difference is the size of the scan.

How does it work with my lab of choice?


What experts say

The ESP can provide all information needed to select and customize the best fitting lens. This makes it easier to personalize a lens fit when necessary while minimizing the need for any refits.

Alex D. Gibberman, OD, FAAO

Scleral topography takes much of the guesswork out of fitting the alignment zone and allows to move through the fitting process much faster.

Immediately detects the need for a toric landing zone and how much toricity is needed to optimize fit.

Saves chair time, reorders (staff time), patient follow-ups (non-revenue generating appointments).

Dr Mary Jo Stiegemeier

Working with Eaglet for more than a year now and I love the fact that they are lab neutral. The ESP has the ability to scan all the way out to 20mm, allowing to reliably navigate scleral shape for large diameter scleral lenses and seamlessly provide a true “Image-Guided” scleral lens: From the Profilometry image directly to the lathe. Just like it’s the case in BostonSight SCLERAL-IG. It is the tool to get you to your end point, so much faster

Dr Karen Carrasquillo
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