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Eaglet Eye - Creator of the Eye Surface Profiler

Eye Surface Profiler

Eaglet Eye - Creator of the Eye Surface Profiler

Eye Surface Profiler



Zenlens scleral lens, from Bausch+Lomb fully vaults the cornea and allows you to fit a wide variety of corneal shapes and sizes using a single fitting set and fitting philosophy.
The Zenlens lens can be customized to nearly any parameter and the ESP helps you to fit all sclerals of Zenlens including the Zen RC and the new Zen quad.

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Eye Surface Profiler for fitting the Scleral IG from Bostonsight

From image acquisition to
manufacturing in one step

DirectConnect™ is a new key feature of the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP). With the push of a button, the ESP instantly sends all pertinent information about the lens design to Bausch+Lomb, increasing the speed and accuracy of fitting a Zenlens scleral lens.

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DirectConnect | Scleral Fitting with the ESP

Using the ESP to fit ZENLENS™

Fitting Keratoconus with scleral lenses - Zenlens -

Case Report: Fitting Keratoconus with Scleral Lens

Case study: Bitoric Zenlens by Brian Tompkins

Case Report: Bitoric Zenlens

Easy Scleral Fitting with the ESP

Case Report: Easy Scleral Fitting

Zenlens and the ESP: Bi-elevational lenses

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