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Eaglet Eye - Creator of the Eye Surface Profiler

Discover scleral lens fitting
with our Eye Surface Profiler

Looking to start or improve scleral lens fitting?
The Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) offers Profilometry of the cornea and the sclera with unprecedented accuracy. By creating detailed 3D height maps and thanks to the integrated algorithms, the ESP helps you with perfect scleral lens fitting.

The major benefits of fitting sclerals with the ESP

Watch Dr Tom Arnold – an expert ESP User – explain the key benefits of using the Eye Surface Profiler and how it benefits your patient and your practice!

  • Fast, single shot measurement process
  • Smart built-in algorithms for 40+ lenses of 18+ labs
  • Quick return on investment in just few months

Fitting Scleral Lenses from all Labs

Focus on specialty lenses
Eaglet Eye is focused on all specialty lenses: the ESP not only handles scleral lenses, but ortho-k, hybrid, soft and RGP. All can benefit from the ESP data! Take your practice to the next level.

Lab neutrality
We are working with all leading manufacturers and more than 40 (scleral) lens fitting algorithms from over 18 labs are integrated in the ESP. This helps you find the perfect scleral lens fit faster. Become am expert fitter now!

The new DirectConnect™ feature allows the ESP to connect directly to the lab software with just the push of a button. This increases the speed and accuracy of choosing the best lens to achieve the best patient outcomes with scleral lens fitting.

Scleral Fitting the Zenlens with the ESP
BostonSight Scleral
Fit the Onefit MED with the ESP
Fit the ScanFitPRO with the ESP
Fit X-Cel's Atlantis Scleral with the ESP
AVT Sclerals fit with the ESP
Fit Fit Synergeyes Scleral with the ESPScleral with the ESP

Learn to use the ESP for scleral lens fitting

Schedule an online demo

Give your patients the perfect scleral contact lens fit

Take a look at how the Eye Surface Profiler will
transform your patients’ eye-care experience.

  • Clear examples of real cases
  • 3 easy steps to fit a scleral lens
  • Learn how to read the results like a pro

The demo is customized around you

Get answers to your specific questions and find out
why the ESP is the right choice for your practice.



Shorter Chair Time

By getting the first lens fit closer to the actual shape of the eye, using the ESP will lead to at least 50% less refits!

More Options

More than 35 lens designs integrated. Choose the best lens for the best patient outcome every time.

Comfortable Fit

Unprecedented measuring accuracy across the cornea, the limbus and large areas of the sclera.

Happier Patients

Patients get better fitting lenses. This means more repeat business and less drop out.

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