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Eaglet Eye - Creator of the Eye Surface Profiler

Eye Surface Profiler

Eaglet Eye - Creator of the Eye Surface Profiler

Eye Surface Profiler



DirectConnect™ is a new key feature of the Eye Surface Profiler (ESP) that allows for direct transmission of the Profilometry data of the eye and all lens data to your lab of choice.

DirectConnect means increased accuracy of empirical fitting of specialty lenses. This new seamless ordering process reduces the time patients spend in your office while improving their comfort and vision sooner.

Available now for Bausch+ Lomb, BostonSight, Blanchard, ScanFitPRO, AccuLens, X-Cel and AVT, with more labs coming soon!

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Eaglet Eye DirectConnect

Quick Start


Eye Surface Profiler software:

  1. Select the patient
  2. Select best measurement
  3. Click on the First Lens Fit algorithms
  4. Select the Supplier and Lens type you want to design
  5. Click on Calculate
  6. Click on DirectConnect

And the complete eye measurement and lens design parameters will directly be sent to the lab!
For your convenience please download the user manuals for free below.

DirectConnect | Scleral Fitting with the ESP

User guides for DirectConnect

Scleral Fitting the BostonSight Scleral IG with the ESP
Scleral Fitting the Zenlens with the ESP
Fit the Acculens MAXIM with the ESP
AVT Sclerals fit with the ESP
Fit the Onefit MED with the ESP
Fit the ScanFitPRO with the ESP
Fit X-Cel's Atlantis Scleral with the ESP

The data the ESP provides allow for awesome ScanFitPRO sclerals and DirectConnect is a super feature, really speeding up the order process time.

Dr. Christine Sindt, President of EyePrint Prosthetics

Blanchard is pleased to be working with Eaglet Eye to offer our customers the DirectConnect option for seamless design and ordering of the Onefit™ MED family scleral lenses with their Eye Surface Profiler.

Jean Blanchard, President of Blanchard Contact Lens

We are thrilled to integrate BostonSight FitConnect® with the Eaglet ESP to provide practitioners with an easy, streamlined process for ordering BostonSight SCLERALIG, an image-guided scleral lens design solution.

Sara Yost, President and CEO BostonSight

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