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Eaglet Eye - Creator of the Eye Surface Profiler

Specialty Lenses

Eaglet Eye - Creator of the Eye Surface Profiler

Eaglet Eye | European Specialty Program

Cutting Edge Specialty Fitting in Europe

All eyes are not created equal — but fortunately, neither are all contact lenses. The growth of specialty lenses has been remarkable, and they have proven to be a valuable addition to so many practices across the world.

Eaglet Eye proudly introduces this European Specialty Program (E.S.P.) with European renowned specialty lens fitters. This series of FREE webinars is designed to help you integrate specialty lenses into your current practice, as well as to provide eye care professionals with tools for success when prescribing specialty lenses. This program will roll into 2022 with further educational events – stay tuned!

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Three world-renowned European practitioners share with us their journey with Specialty Lens fitting. In this three videos they explain how they got started with Specialty Lens fitting and how Profilometry-driven fitting has revolutionized their practices, saving chair time and improving patient outcome.

Brian Tompkins
Cian Gildea
Daddi Fadel

Chapter 1 - The W.H.Y. of Specialty Contact Lenses

With a very interesting approach, Brian Tompkins tells us the W.H.Y. of Specialty Lens fitting. He gives us a review of all the types of Specialty contact lenses and their particular capabilities. Brian also explains how empirical fitting has made the Scleral lens fitting process more efficient, allowing to get a final lens “fitting like a glove” directly from the information delivered by the corneal-scleral topographers.

Chapter 2 – Scleral Lens Fitting? Easy!...With ESP!

Daddi Fadel, excellent lens fitter and excellent educator, elaborates the advantages of fitting Scleral Lenses with technology vs. with no technology, and how technology enables you to get to the next level and become an expert. Advanced scleral topography gives you all the information about sagittal height for you to design the best fitting lens.

Chapter 3 – Profilometry Based Specialty Contact Lens Fitting

Cian Gildea tells us about his initial journey with Scleral lenses, how frustrating it was at the beginning, with very long char time and trial and error fitting until getting a good fit. Nowadays, equipped now with an Eye Surface Profiler (ESP), Cian is very successfully fitting several Specialty Lenses; he shares three fantastic cases – one Scleral, one Hybrid, and one OrthoK lens – explaining how this advanced technology supports him during the fitting process.


Download here the recordings of this first E.S.P. event:


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